Programmer Solutions Inc.was dissolved on 3/30/2020.


Web Ads Management

Accept and process classified ads for all Programmer Solutions Inc website domains. Classified ads can be placed on a calendar on any Programmer Solutions Inc website domain such as Classified ad details are found on each website domain or here: Web Ads Management

Web Consulting Services

General consulting, planning and advice for developing and/or updating your web site from analysis to through implementation.

Web Content Management

Maintain and update the content of your web site per your specifications along with suggestions for additional items from us.

Web Affiliate Management Consulting

When you sell products or services on the internet, you need buyers.

Affiliate programs allow you to offer thousands of motivated selling partners the ability to sell your products or services for a percentage or flat amount per purchase. Increase your sales many times over with a smooth running affiliate program.

Web Hosting Consulting

A great Web hosting partner is extremely critical to a successful of a corporate online presence. We can discuss the advantages of the web hosts we have used.

Web Design Consulting

Simple web site designs to complex web projects using quality web designers and database programmers.